Choose the Right Eyelashes for You

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To create a delicate makeup, false eyelashes are indispensable. Among the many false eyelashes on the market today, how can you find the one you want? Here we help you choose from the two aspects of volume and length of false eyelashes:


Volume indicates the thickness of the eyelashes. For a natural look, we recommend using small to medium volume lashes. Huge eyelashes are suitable for stage performances or runways, but do not provide a natural look for everyday wear. They also point out that makes the eyes look too small.


It denotes the eyelashes’ length. Our eyelashes vary from 8-14 mm in length. Any eyelashes lengthier than 14 mm will generally expand to your eyebrows. It will not offer a natural look.

8-9mm: Best for women and men who prefer an understand appearance.

10-12mm: A tremendous pick for ladies who desire a natural appearance but need some more sharpness to their eyes than modest eyelashes will offer. An admirable all approximately length when you are not sure.

13-14mm: A good option for ladies who like long lashes and really need their eyes to be clear. This long length lashes are perfect for all women who need an attractive appearance at special events or women with huge aspects.

Longer than 14 mm: These are ideal for drama use and could also create the eyes look smaller.

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