How to choose The best false eyelashes for you?

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As we all know, the right eyelashes can beauty your appearance and make your eyes look bigger and sexier immediately. Eyelashes are made with different types of materials. But how should we choose the best eyelashes for ourselves?

Material for false eyelashes includes synthetic, silk protein, mink, etc. The synthetic eyelashes are very cheap , stiffer, and their curl and shape are better, but they don't look as natural as other material for false eyelashes. Silk protein fiber eyelashes are closer to natural eyelashes and softer than synthetic eyelashes, and this kind of eyelashes are lightweight, with a certain shape and curl. Silk eyelashes are popular because of their cheap price and weight. Compared to the other two materials, mink eyelashes are the most expensive materials. This kind of eyelash can help you to get a natural eyelash look and longer lasting lash extensions, and they are so soft that you feel like your own eyelashes, and they are also shinier in texture than the silk lashes. In addition, mink lashes also can give you a fluffy feel. On the other hand, their shortcoming is that the degree of curl is easy to drop when there is water like human hair.

To sum up, mink lashes are the most expensive, but you'll get a light, fluffy, natural look with this kind of material, and you will feel soft when you wear mink eyelashes. Mink lashes are a good choice if you are looking for comfort. Silk protein fiber eyelashes are cheaper than mink lashes, and are finer and more flexible than the synthetic type which makes their retention slightly better. Synthetic eyelashes are the sturdiest of all eyelashes, and they are shinier than the mink eyelashes. Generally , someone uses these synthetic eyelashes for a dramatic effect.