What is Lashine Magical Eyeliner

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Everyone wants to own a glamrous eye look. In general, most people choose to use false eyelashes to improve the eye look. There are two traditional ways to wear false eyelashes. The first method is glue. You can use glue to stick the lashes on your eyes, but it is very difficult for beginners, and it is uncomfortable feel for your eyes. The second method is use magnetic lashes and magnetic eyeliner. It is expensive for magnetic lashes, but you have to use them if you want to try this way. they also are very heavy as eyelashes, so your eyes feel uncomfortable with these magnet.

Fortunately, Lashine offers a completely new way for lashes wearing. Lashine magical eyeliner help you to wear lashes without glue or heavy magnet.

The way of lashes application is very easy. You just need draw eyeliner line with magical eyeliner for your eye makeup, then you apply your lashes on top of it, and you don't need your lashes with magnet. Our eyeliner is 100% safe because we make it with mild and skin-friendly ingredient. It is latex free, sulfate free, paraben free.The eyeliner is long-lasting even rainy or windy. Trying the magical eyeliner and you will love it!