• Premium material: the lashes do not deform in the process of work and perfectly keep their shape while wearing.
  • 2D~20D: 2D~20D fans only using one box rapid blooming eyelash extensions.
  • More thick: even ends, denser roots.
  • Unique sticky strip: prevent the volume fans separating at the base, create the perfect fan within seconds.
  • Easy to pick: improved technology, brown tape, quick to pick off.

Contains: 12 lines

8mm*1 / 9mm*1 / 10mm*2 / 11mm*2 / 12mm*2 / 13mm*2 / 14mm*1 / 15mm*1

About Length:

8mm-9mm used on the inside and outside of the eye area;
10mm-12mm most commonly used for the middle of eye for a natural look;
13mm and 14mm creates a bold look;
15mm this length is very bold and should not be used unless the natural lashes are strong.

About Thickness:

0.07 Most popular for volume
0.10 used for volume
0.12 thin classic lash
0.15 a medium classic diameter
0.18 a good average thickness for classic
0.20 used for classic dramatic look

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