They are made from luxury class materials, which are used by thousands of artists all over the world. Their high quality fibers are resilient, even, perfectly keep their shape, and at the same time are quite soft. Simply put Lashine silicone lashes are loved for their elasticity, natural shine, extremely light weight, and hold their form very well while wearing.

Contains: 12 lines

8mm*1 / 9mm*1 / 10mm*2 / 11mm*2 / 12mm*2 / 13mm*2 / 14mm*1 / 15mm*1

14mm*3 / 15mm*3 / 16mm*2 / 17mm*2 / 18mm*2

About Length:

8mm-9mm used on the inside and outside of the eye area;
10mm-12mm most commonly used for the middle of eye for a natural look;
13mm and 14mm creates a bold look;
15mm this length is very bold and should not be used unless the natural lashes are strong.

About Thickness:

0.07 Most popular for volume
0.10 used for volume
0.12 thin classic lash
0.15 a medium classic diameter
0.18 a good average thickness for classic
0.20 used for classic dramatic look

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