Greece Magnetic Lashes Kit 6032

Faux-mink magnetic lash kit with unique magnetic technology are becoming more and more popular now as they are no glue needed, can minimize the chance of irritating your skin and damaging your natural eyelashes. Each of the magnetic eyelashes comes with 5 powerful magnets, and our magnetic eyeliner contains ultra-fine magnetic particles in the formula, so the eyelashes can be easier to attach, lighter and more comfortable. It creates a more natural lash look as the lash is applied right on top of the liner at your natural lash line. The lash will last up to 15 wears.

Package Includes:

3 pairs of magnetic lashes

1 Original black magnetic liquid eyeliner

1 Magnetic eyelash applicator

How To Use: Apply the eyeliner to your eye as you would a normal liquid eyeliner and once its dry apply your magnetic lash onto the liner and you're done!

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