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One of the best ways you can enhance your looks is by adding an eyelash. Finding the right brand of eyelashes is essential in achieving the look you're going for. You need an eyelash that will not weigh your eyelids down or be too heavy to blend in with your natural lashes. It should also be flexible enough to fit the shape of your eyelids easily and properly. Another vital factor to look out for is the naturality of the eyelash. It should look real enough so that other people won't notice you've added one.

Lashine is one of the eyelash brands that meet all these qualities and more. Our company focuses on quality more than anything else, which is why we value using natural fur when making our eyelashes. Although the brand is fairly new in the industry, we still value customer satisfaction over getting investment returns. This is why all the eyelashes are made carefully and meticulously with a high level of craftsmanship and professionalism. We make sure our lashes can fit all types of eyes, especially at the corners, since the eyes are some of the most delicate parts of the body. The lashes are also made without any chemicals, which makes them very safe.

Giving customers value for their money is another priority of the brand. For this reason, our lashes are reusable and can be taken on and off up to 20 times, but they will still look full, elegant, and natural.

If you want an eyelash that has been made with a lot of passion and care, then Lashine lashes should be your choice. As the name suggests, all you'll get from this brand are Lash + Shine.

Lashine Magical Eyelash Set

No Glue. No Magnet. The Best Replacement for Regular Lashes

  • Fast and Easy - Makes eyelines adhesive for eyelashes to stay.
  • No Nasty Glue - Your best choice if you are allergic to glue or hate it.
  • No Heavy Magnets - No need of magnetic lashes with this eyeliner.
  • 100% Safe - Mild and skin-friendly ingredient used.
  • Weatherproof - Rainy or windy, you will always be shining.
  • Long-Lasting - Keeps the lashes on until you want it gone.